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Cyclist wins compensation against untraced driver

When a cyclist was knocked off her bike by a hit-and-run driver Bartletts specialist personal injury lawyers in Wrexham helped her win compensation from an untraced driver through the Motor Insurer’s Bureau.

The 21-year-old beautician was cycling home from the gym when she was knocked off her bike by a car. The driver failed to stop at the scene, and instead drove off at such speed that no details could be taken. The incident was witnessed by a third party and reported to the police.

The cyclist was not only in shock, and seriously shaken by the incident but was also in a severe amount of pain. An ambulance was called to the scene and she was taken to the accident and emergency department of the local hospital. She was x-rayed and diagnosed with a broken wrist. She had to undergo surgery to have some metal plates inserted into her wrist to repair the bone damage. She needed intensive physiotherapy after the surgery to help improve the wrist function and was unable to work for some time while it healed.

The Motor Insurers Bureau was set up by the car insurance industry to help victims of accidents from uninsured and untraceable drivers.  This help extends to all types of victims; including motorists, cyclists, motor-bikers and pedestrians. Our solicitor made a claim on the cyclist behalf under the Untraced Drivers Agreement, for compensation against the hit-and-run driver. The Motor Insurer’s Bureau investigated the case and admitted liability on behalf of the untraced driver.

Bartletts expert personal injury solicitor then negotiated a substantial figure as compensation for personal injuries, pain and suffering, and loss of earnings on the cyclists behalf. We were also able to recover an amount to cover the gratuitous care she had received as well as compensation for the damage to her bicycle and clothing.