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DIY Wills: Are They Worth The Risk?

Writing a Will is one of the most important things you should do in your lifetime, as it enables you to continue caring for family and friends long after you die – so is a DIY Will worth the risk or should you use a professional to help you write your Will?

Many people choose a DIY Will to save money compared to the cost of using a solicitor or an online Will service provider. However, Wills are complex and getting them wrong can be both costly in the long-run and stressful for loved ones left behind if they need to resolve any issues that arise from mistakes made in your Will.

DIY Wills Vs Using A Solicitor

A Will is designed to give you peace of mind that everything will be just as it should be when you die, as all your wishes are written down clearly in your Will to help your chosen executors administer your estate and carry out your wishes.

There are so many things to consider when it comes to writing your Will, and it is all too easy to miss items out or draft them incorrectly with a DIY Will.

As a guide, it’s important to keep in mind the reasons why many people use a solicitor to draft Wills, which include:

  • DIY Wills provide no advice on whether what you are doing is the best option
  • DIY Wills won’t point out potential pitfalls of how you are implementing something
  • DIY Wills won’t highlight any errors you make. For example, an incorrect signature could render your Will invalid or make it difficult for loved ones to prove the validity of your Will after your death
  • DIY Wills provide no what-if scenarios for you to consider, such as what happens if any of your beneficiaries died before you
  • DIY Wills won’t insist you are specific in your wishes, for example stating “my children” would not automatically include step-children whether this is your intention or not
  • DIY Wills won’t ask you to check you’ve considered everything and everyone has been included, including pets and any personal gifts you may wish to make
  • DIY Wills won’t provide advice on tax implications of your decisions

How We Can Help You With Your Will

We fully appreciate that making a Will using a professional solicitor may seem expensive compared to making a DIY Will, but it is worth remembering that mistakes can be costly – and our solicitors help clients to draft Wills that are both accurate and based upon the right choices for them.

A Will written well provides peace of mind and reassurance that your intentions will be acted upon when you die, and that you’ll be able to protect loved ones long into the future.

Our Wills solicitors provide a free initial no-obligation discussion to find out what you’d like to include in your Will and to understand your personal situation so they can provide supportive advice and guidance on writing a Will that is legally watertight and fully reflective of your wishes.

To speak to one of our specialist solicitors about drafting your Will, contact us on freephone 0800 988 3674 or Chester Tel: 01244 311 633 or email