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Five Benefits Of Using A High Street Solicitor

We all need to use a solicitor at some point in our lives – the tricky part is choosing the right one, and there are many benefits of using a high-street solicitor rather than an online lawyer.

By using a high-street solicitor, you get to really choose who works for you – after all, you’ll meet the individuals at the firm in person and decide if you want to entrust them with the task. You’ll be using a local firm you like, undoubtedly with a proven track record of handling legal matters and a reputation for being trustworthy, efficient and dependable.

Solicitors are needed for a wide variety of reasons, from small matters through to life-changing issues. And regardless of whether you’re choosing a qualified conveyancer to help with your house purchase or looking for a solicitor to make a claim for compensation due to an accident that wasn’t your fault, or need help from a solicitor to help you prepare a will or assist with probate matters you want the same thing – a reliable, capable, experienced professional who is going to work hard for you.

Five Benefits Of Using A High Street Solicitor

  1. Personal Matters

When you use a high-street solicitor, you deal with your lawyer on a face-to-face basis and build a relationship as a result. There is a personal investment and you receive a tailored approach – after all, your solicitor will get to know you, recognise your voice when you call and greet you in person when you make an appointment or simply pop into the firm’s office with a question or some documents.

  1. Local Matters

By being on the high-street, a legal firm has to work extremely hard to maintain a good reputation. People talk and word of mouth can make or break a company – when you deal with a local solicitor, you can easily establish what past clients think of the company and quickly get a feel for how professional it really is. The solicitors will also have local knowledge, which can prove invaluable for many matters.

  1. Size Matters

The high-street can be a more expensive location than out-of-town premises or the internet, and because of this most high-street solicitor firms are medium sized rather than big or small. The size usually means the company is able to handle larger, more complex cases as well as the smaller legal matters, all without losing the personal touch.

  1. You Matter

Ultimately, it is you that really matters when it comes to the benefits of using a high-street solicitor. You meet the solicitors at the local firm in person, talk to them and really understand how they work and what their range of experience is – as well as whether you think the particular lawyer will represent you well and work hard to resolve your issue. With a high-street solicitor, you don’t need to put your trust in just words on a website, you can ensure these words are true by getting to know the company yourself.

  1. It All Matters

As a result of being in a prominent local location, where word of mouth is key and potential clients can really judge for themselves whether they want to use the particular firm or not, high-street solicitor firms have to work hard – not just on each and every client’s case but with staying up-to-date with legal knowledge and ensuring all staff have regular, relevant training, as well as making sure their prices can compete with bigger or internet-based competitors. In turn, the service delivered is usually professional, friendly, efficient, good value for money and personal.

Bartletts Solicitors is proud of its high-street presence in Chester and Wrexham with 4 offices in these areas, as well as 3 further offices in Liverpool and Wallasey. Clients know they will receive an individual approach from highly qualified and trained solicitors and won’t be just “another client”. All our solicitors take the time to get to know clients so they can truly understand them, their circumstances and desired outcomes for each case, which means they can deliver a better service as a result, and one that is driven by people not profit.

To speak to one of our solicitors today about a legal matter, please feel free to visit us in our high-street offices in Chester City Centre, Hoole and Wrexham or call us on 0800 988 3674 or email