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Helping parents claim compensation on behalf of an injured child

When a child under 18 is injured they do not have the legal status to make decisions and claim compensation for themselves. Instead an adult, usually a parent, can claim compensation on their behalf. If your child has been injured, Bartletts expert personal injury lawyers in Chester can guide you through the legal process to help your child get the compensation they deserve.

We recently helped parents of a toddler, who was left permanently scarred after an injury, do just that. The little girl was just 21 months old when she tripped over in a high street shop and cut her face on a broken display unit. While the wound on her cheek was deep, it did not require stitches but did leave a scar. Later, the little girl developed a complication which made her cheek look permanently red, known as hyperpigmentation, around the scar.

Our specialist personal injury solicitor helped the parents apply for compensation on their daughter’s behalf. Children’s injuries have to be monitored over a period of time to see how they develop and to get a better idea of the future prognosis. We commissioned a specialist report from a plastic surgeon to assess her progress and give a medical opinion on the likelihood of permanent disfigurement.

Once we had a clearer prognosis for her recovery, we skillfully negotiated a substantial sum in compensation for personal injuries on the little girl’s behalf from the shop owner’s insurance company.

When compensation is agreed on behalf of a child, you have to attend a short court hearing. The judge has to approve the figure agreed to ensure that compensation is only settled once the child has made a recovery. The compensation must be in the best interests of the child. Once approved the compensation is paid into a court fund, which becomes available to the child when they turn 18 years old.