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Hit and run injury receives compensation

Sometimes it can be hard to prove that an accident ever happened, especially when there are no witnesses and only your word to rely on. That was the situation faced by one young man who came to see one of our personal injury solicitors in Chester. But with our help he proved the accident did happen and received compensation for injuries.

The 25-year-old salesman was standing in a town centre car park, waiting for his colleague, when a car reversed out of a parking space, knocked him over and then sped away. Despite being dazed by the event, he managed to take down the registration number of the car which he later reported to the police. The police were able to trace the owner of the vehicle but, when questioned, the driver denied all knowledge of the incident claiming he was never in that car park. Without any corroborating witness evidence, the police were unable to pursue the matter any further and decided to drop the case.

When he was struck by the car, the young man sustained severe soft tissues injuries to his lower back and extensive bruising on his hip. The trauma of the accident led to him taking time off from work and he continued to need physiotherapy for three months. When he came to see Bartletts personal injury lawyers, he had recently become a father. He was still very distressed by the accident and was upset that he could not bend over easily and this had prevented him from being able to help with his baby as much as he would have liked.

Despite the lack of witness evidence, our experienced solicitor initiated a claim for compensation against the driver of the vehicle. The driver continued to deny liability right up to the last minute when, on the steps of the court, he backed down and admitted it was him. We skilfully negotiated an out of court settlement with the driver’s insurance company.