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Hit by a bus

We all worry about the old adage that we may be hit by a bus tomorrow, but if it actually happens it is good to know that Bartletts Solicitors will be there to help you.

This was exactly what happened to one young gentleman who came to see our personal injury solicitors in Chester. The 27-year-old teacher was driving his car when a bus collided into him, leaving him with serious physical injuries.

The teacher was negotiating a roundabout when a single decker bus drove into the front passenger side of his car, jolting it sideways. An ambulance was called to the scene and he was taken to hospital where he was fully assessed. The teacher had suffered severe soft tissue injuries to his neck, back, arms and chest, leaving him in a lot of pain. He was also in a considerable amount of shock and had whiplash injuries.

When he came to see one of our experienced personal injury lawyers, the young teacher was still suffering from ongoing pain. To ease his pain, he was prescribed steroid injections. He also needed to have a course of physiotherapy treatments to help him regain full movement in his arms neck and back.

Bartletts successfully helped the young teacher make a claim for compensation for personal injuries he had suffered against the bus company’s insurers. The compensation he received also provided for the cost of the steroid injections and physiotherapy treatments, as well as compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the accident.