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How will you pay your bills if you are injured or have an accident?

If you are injured in an accident, leaving you unable to work, you may naturally be worried about how you will continue to support your family and pay your household bills. As part of our comprehensive service, Bartletts personal injury Solicitors in Chester could arrange for an interim compensation payment to help you with your outgoings and expenses, while you recuperate.

We recently helped a 35-year-old factory operative who had been injured at work, secure interim compensation payments from his employer. The gentleman slipped on some liquid which had been spilt on the floor by a colleague, and bumped his already injured shoulder against a wall.

The fall aggravated an existing injury to his left shoulder joint, and left him in need of surgery to repair the problem. When he came to see one of Bartletts expert personal injury lawyers, the gentleman had just been diagnosed and was concerned that he would need to be off work for some time following the surgery, which would leave him and his family out of pocket.

Our tenacious lawyer, advised him to claim compensation for personal injuries and compensation for loss of earnings from his employer. Employers are vicariously liable for the actions of their employees, and also have a duty of care to make sure their employees are safe while they are at work.

We contacted the employer and quickly established the gentleman’s personal injury claim.  Once liability had been admitted by his employers insurance company we then secured interim payments to make sure his monthly financial commitments were being met while the long term compensation claim was being settled.

This allowed the gentleman to have the surgery he needed without financial worries, as well as a course of physiotherapy afterwards to fully rehabilitate him and get him back to work.

Bartletts then negotiated with his employer’s insurance company to secure a final compensation figure. As a result they paid for his arthroscopic surgery and follow up physiotherapy treatment, as well as loss of earnings, out of pocket expenses and a generous compensation for personal injuries.

If you have been injured in an accident at work that wasn't your fault please contact us - we can help you get the compensation you deserve