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Pensioner’s pavement trip compensation

When an 80-year-old pensioner was injured by falling on a defective paving slab, he turned to Bartletts expert personal injury solicitors in Chester to help him with claiming compensation from the council for tripping on pavement.

The pensioner was on a routine shopping trip, walking from his home to the local shops, when he tripped on a raised paving slab. He fell to the pavement and gashed his face and hands. Helpful passers-by came to his aid and called an ambulance which took him to the local hospital. The gentleman was examined and x-rayed. He had suffered a serious shoulder injury and torn the rotator cuff in his shoulder, which was to be an ongoing injury. The cut on his face was stitched up but left a permanent scar.

When the gentleman came to see one of our specialist personal injury lawyers in Chester, we set about gathering evidence from the scene of the accident and found that the pavement had still not been repaired. We also commissioned a medical report on the pensioner’s injury and prognosis, and gathered detailed costs on the extra care and assistance he needed as a result of the accident.

When our lawyer submitted all the evidence we had gathered to the council, they admitted they had failed to repair the pavement defect within an appropriate time. The council’s public liability insurance company made an initial offer of compensation, which our lawyer advised to reject as it did not reflect the level of injury suffered.

Our lawyer pressed ahead and issued court papers to apply for a trial. In response, the insurance company trebled their offer of compensation which we advised the gentleman to accept. Bartletts successfully secured the compensation for personal injuries he deserved, as well as compensation for care and assistance costs.

The gentleman continues to stay in touch with Bartletts and regularly pops into the office to say hello.

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