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Personal Injury Compensation for knife cut in supermarket

When a lady cut her finger on a knife while browsing in her local supermarket, Bartletts personal injury solicitors in Wrexham helped her successfully claim compensation.

The lady was rummaging through a display basket filled with kitchen utensils, when she cut her finger on a knife. She discovered that the knife was loose in the basket without a plastic cover on it. Her finger was bleeding profusely so she immediately alerted the supermarket staff.

The lady went to the accident and emergency department of her local hospital, where they diagnosed a severe laceration and applied a surgical dressing to her right index finger. She continued to be in pain for 10 days following the accident and needed to take painkillers. The injury also affected her work, restricting her when using the computer keyboard.

When the lady came to see Bartletts Solicitors, our expert personal injury lawyer contacted the supermarket. We then skillfully negotiated a fair amount of compensation on the lady’s behalf, reflecting the level of pain and suffering she had endured.