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Tripping injury at work

When you are at work, your employer is responsible for making sure that your working environment is safe.

When a man who tripped over at work and broke his elbow recently came to see Bartletts Personal Injury Solicitors in Wrexham, we helped him secure a substantial amount of compensation for the pain, injury and losses he suffered.

The 25-year-old shop worker had been carrying out his daily tasks at work, when he tripped on a loose electrical wire. As he fell to the floor, he landed on his arm and was in an enormous amount of pain.

An ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital. He was x-rayed, diagnosed with a broken elbow and told that he needed surgery to repair the damage. He had an operation to fix the bones in his elbow joint into place using pins.

Recovery from the injury was not easy, as the mobility in his arm had been severely impaired. The arm was bound in a sling initially and he needed physiotherapy to help him improve the flexibility in the elbow joint.

When he came to see Bartletts, the man had been unable to work for some time. He was still not able to fully straighten his arm, and he was still suffering from pain and sensitivity at the site of the wound.

Our experienced personal injury solicitor contacted his employer and successfully secured compensation for personal injury and compensation for loss of earnings from their insurance company.