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Who pays for an injury at work?

When serious injuries occur, having a specialist legal team on your side can ensure that you receive the treatment you need to fully recover. This was the case for a man who came to see Bartletts specialist personal injury solicitors in Wrexham after he was seriously injured in an accident at work.

The 30-year-old man was a production operative at a large bakery supplier. He was busy stacking plastic baskets on wheels into pallets to go to delivery vans in the loading bay area when suddenly a high-speed door, which was used to keep contaminates out, closed hard on the back of his neck.

The man was thrown to the floor with such force that he became unconscious. His colleagues called an ambulance which rushed him to the local accident and emergency department. At the hospital, he was seen by a spinal surgeon who diagnosed him with a spinal injury. The bakery worker had to stay in hospital for a week to have monitoring and tests including nerve conduction studies to determine whether he had suffered any nerve damage.

When the man came to see one of Bartletts experienced personal injury lawyers in Wrexham, he was still suffering from the effects of the injury. He had missed work for one year and was experiencing symptoms of depression. To help his neck recover, he was required to wear a neck brace which meant he could not do any exercise and his relationship was suffering.

Our lawyers stayed at his side throughout the next three years, arranging for monitoring and medical care. We arranged for him to have scans and physiotherapy to help his neck to recover, and organised for him to see a cognitive behavioural therapist to help with his mental health problems. We arranged for interim compensation from his employer throughout this period

Once we were satisfied that he had fully recovered, we successfully settled his claim for a substantial amount of compensation for personal injury, compensation for loss of earnings and compensation for care and assistance with his employer’s insurance company.

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